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Tighten Body Bar is dedicated and committed to giving our clients the best services to help them achieve their maximum results. With our students, we prove the best training to help them become certified as Non-Invasive Aesthetic Practitioners. We not only teach, but our proven track record indicates with our ongoing mentorship we get results! Come and learn the skills to help grow your profession from our team, For our clients we maximize their treatment plan to obtain the best results for our students our detailed curriculum set them up to for success


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Are you interested in learning more about the Non-Invasive Aesthetics industry?

As a Non-Invasive Aesthetic Educator, I have had students that went on and open their own Non-Invasive Aesthetic studios and became successful in the business. Get the correct training, resources, and tools you need to become not just tech in this industry but a successful Aesthetic Practitioner.

Join Our Gold-Standard Educator To Educator Training

Are you interested in learning more about becoming an educator in Non-Invasive Aesthetics?

As a licensed, Non-Invasive Aesthetic Educator and Practitioner get the resources and tools you need to make this happen.

Meet Your Instructor/ Practitioner

Wendy Jones


Wendy Jones is an exceptional entrepreneur, a former licensed cosmetologist for over 30 years, and now a Licensed Noninvasive Aestithics Practitioner and Educator. Wendy obtain her accreditation from NSMA and sat on their Board of Directors.

Wendy has always dedicated herself to enhancing the overall beauty of women. The Tighten Body Bar was born from a desire to really showcase the importance of women feeling empowered, achieving their overall image goals, and cherishing themselves.

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Choose the most Comfortable Way You Learn In-Person Group, In-Person 1:1, or Online; it does not matter we have you covered.

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