Meet Your Instructor

Wendy Jones

Founder | Instructor

Wendy Jones is an exceptional entrepreneur, a former licensed cosmetologist for over 30 years and now a Licensed Non-Invasive Aesthetic Practitioner and Educator. Wendy obtained her accreditation from NMSA and sits on the Board of Directors.

Wendy has always dedicated herself to enhancing the overall beauty of women. The Tighten Body Bar was born from a desire to really showcase the importance of women feeling empowered, achieving their overall image goals, and cherishing themselves.

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Meat the team

Our Trainers are Fitness & Wellness Professionals, equipped with a deep understanding of the human body. They bring to the team their own expertise in HIT, Boxing, Pilates or Yoga.

Emily Holt

Pilates Instructor

Sophia Burns

HIT & Strength Instructor

Marguerite Ingram

Yoga Instructor

Emma Cannon

Cardio & Boxing Instructor

Rachel Torres

Zumba Instructor

Agnes Garcia

Pilates & Yoga Instructor
Not only do we live and breathe a healthy and fit lifestyle ourselves, we have helped thousands of women all over the world achieve their health and fitness goals and transform their lives.
Ativo Team