Tier 1: Introduction to Non-Invasive Aesthetics

This TBB Institute training program consists of fourteen (14) introductory modules and eleven (11) full modules which will walk you through a series of theory and video introducing you to the practice of Non-Invasive Aesthetics. This is a hybrid program including  an online course and in-person lecture, demonstration and training. You must complete, and pass, the online portion of this training before registering for the in-person training. You will be able to reserve your in-person training after completion of online course. At the end of this program, you will receive a 1-Year Non-Invasive Aesthetics license.

TBB Tier 1 Licensure Program

Instructor: Wendy Jones
Duration: 3 Days
Fee: $1999.99

TBB Tier 1 Online Only Certificate Program

Instructor: Wendy Jones
Duration: At You’re Own Pace
Fee: $299/Monthly
Total Cost: $999


Instructor: Wendy Jones
Duration: 12:00PM - 40 Min
Starts from: Fee: $1400